This is a homepage of gLite components developed and maintainded by the CZ cluster of EGEE project.

gLite components maintained by our group

We maintain the following gLite components:
  • Logging and Bookkeeping (LB) is a Grid service that keeps a short-term trace of Grid jobs as they are processed by individual Grid components.
  • proxyrenewal
  • Job Provenance (JP) is a Grid service that keeps long-term trace on completed computations for further reference. It is a job-centric service, keeping records about job life cycle, its environment, inputs/outputs, user parameters etc. The data collected from the Grid middleware where the job has run can be complemented with user annotations that add a personalized view.
  • gLite GSS/gsoap-plugin - plug-in for gSOAP, an open source solution to the problem of securing web services in grid environments.

What is gLite?

gLite is a middleware for grid computing born from the collaborative efforts of more than 80 people in 12 different academic and industrial research centers as part of the EGEE Project.

About us

We are a team working as a part of CESNET, a association of all universities of the Czech Republic and the Czech Academy of Sciences, known as a designer and maintainer of national research and education network. We build and run Czech national Grid and supercomputing infrastructure named MetaCenter and participated in Grid european projects (EU DataGrid, EGEE I, II, III projects, EMI).
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