Logging and Bookkeeping

What is LB?

Logging and Bookkeeping (LB for short) is a Grid service that keeps a short-term trace of Grid jobs as they are processed by individual Grid components.

The LB was initially developed in the EU DataGrid project as a part of the Workload Management System (WMS). The development continued in the EGEE project (EGEE-II, EGEE-III respectively), where LB became an independent part of the gLite middleware. Currently we are participating in the EMI project ( see LB status in EMI, gLite Logging and Bookkeeping Product Team).

Current status & news


Older news here

Current status

  • LB service major versions:
    • LB version 2.1 See patch #4623 in Savannah for release notes and other info. Highlights:
      • IPv6 compliance, Adoption of the common logging format, Collection aware purging, WebService interface supporting basic PGI / Glue 2.0, Advanced authorization with unified configuration, Elementary native support for CREAM jobs, Ability to log sandbox transfer progress as a specific job type, Configuration tuned to allow collocation with WMS, extension of statistic functions relied on by the WMS
    • LB version 3.x is new version available in EMI release called EMI 1 Kebnekaise. LB is a product of EMI-1.
      • advanced authorization (grant write access on job annotations, support job owner switching for pilots), more elaborated support for CREAM jobs, Glue for PGI, Exporting notifications into the messaginig infrastructure, further extension of statistics, support for monitoring collections of file (sandbox) transfers.
  • Platform support - LB itself proves to be portable - we've managed to build on Debian 4, SLC 4, SL 5, and SuSE 9, 10, and 11, all in 32 and 64 bit clones. On the contrary, a fully automated build in Etics is not available.
  • Test and certification status and reports available here

Development roadmap

  • Next release for EMI-2
    • Event Input from MSG, enabling collection of events from ARC, Unicore and other event sources (Cross-area Objective 2).
    • Message tunneling through L&B's delivery chain. (Infrastructure Objectives 1, 5 and 8).
    • More support for the GLUE2 information model (Compute Objective 1 and Infrastructure Objective 7).
    • Implementation of the agreed common job submission and management methods in all the CEs and compute clients. (Compute Objective 2)
    • Consolidation and harmonization of compute area clients/APIs. (Compute Objective 5)
    • .
    • Investigation into extended functions for file transfer monitoring (requested by operations).
    • Investigation into extended querying formats (requested by operations).
  • Full LB roadmap here

Why LB?

  • To understand the role of LB in Grid middleware design, its role in Grid management and operation and the LB usage patterns of Grid users we can recommend our presentation at 2008 CESNET conference available here.
  • LB usage patterns - see how is LB used.

Further resources

Contacts & support

  • User support for gLite users is available via GGUS support system.
  • Apparent software bugs are tracked in Savannah. In the documentation you will find what information might be useful when submitting a LB specific problem/bug.
  • You are encouradged to send developers all non-bugs comments and questions by email emi-lb(at)metacentrum.cz.

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